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Glass partitions in Tata textura



Get acquainted with an interesting project of office space for plastics processors Square Plastic in the Hungarian city of Tata, for which the architect Csaba Nagy chose our frameless MICRA I partitions with sandblasted glass.

"The office space project for Square Plastic was demanding on the installation of MICRA I frameless glazed partitions, but on the other hand it brought us very good cooperation with the general contractor," Tamás Szabó, project manager of the Hungarian LIKO-S branch, briefly described the implementation.

The complexity consisted mainly in the need for assembly according to templates and in the use of heavier sandblasted glass with a thickness of 16 mm, which guarantees the required airborne soundproofing of 42 dB. And what benefit did we get from this project?

"During the preparation and implementation of the office project, together with the sales director Mária Veréb, we managed to establish an excellent working relationship with architect Csaba Nagy from the third-largest Hungarian construction company West Hungária Bau, who was professionally interested in our interior systems, which may bring other nice projects in the future," explained Tamás.

Sandblasted glass enlivens the interior and looks very impressive. In order to achieve a sandblasted effect on glass, it is necessary to hit its surface during its production by blasting special sand, which creates microscopic depressions in the glass. This gives the glass a matte appearance and ensures complete privacy. At the same time the process hardens the glass, so it becomes impact resistant too.

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