Project name:

Movable wall, glass partitions and acoustic panels in Decathlon

Place: Praha
Year: 2020

Omega, LIKO-Space

The world's largest retailer of sportswear operates in 57 countries and has more than 1,600 stores worldwide. They opened their first store in 1976. Last year, they opened new back offices for the Czech Republic in Prague.

The offices of Decathlon are located in direct connection with one of the three stores in Prague. It is therefore a fit-out to the shopping centre. Nevertheless, the office environment managed to tune in to the company's philosophy and create a sufficiently diverse work environment for people focusing on such a wide range of sports.

At first glance, the grey-white interior with the technical ceiling makes the wooden floor cosy across the entire interior. According to the company's visual style, the colour tuning and the graphic elements used are tuned to blue.

And it was the colour work with various materials that gave rise to, for example, a built-in podium in the central space, ideal for training. Otherwise, it serves as a space for a short meeting with colleagues or clients.

In this case, the wall cladding is solved with acoustic materials. These can also be found as suspended circular elements under the ceiling. The blue acoustic wall tiles are complemented by large-format graphic elements of various sports passing through glass and ordinary partitions.

Individual offices, telephone booths and office facilities are located on the sides of the layout. The partitions are tuned to the anthracite shade of the frames in combination with glass design doors, which make the glass surface stand out while maintaining the maximum acoustic properties of the aluminium frame.

Individual offices can then be connected or divided as needed thanks to mobile walls. This simply makes smaller offices for 2 to 3 people or a larger meeting room available. Thanks to this, no more meeting rooms are needed.


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