Partitions, movable walls,
glass partitions, doors and accessories

In-house manufacturing
and development centre
We develop, test, manufacture
and install
We are building
a Happy and Green Company
Innovative leaders in partitions
and movable walls
We believe that
it’s best to be the best

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Our partitions enable you to divide your office space easily and quickly. We have been developing and manufacturing partitions and partition walls since 1992 – being the first to do so in Central Europe. Choose from our menu. We offer framed and frameless partitions and partition walls, glass, full and movable partitions, and now also interactive walls. The design of the partitions complies with the most demanding requirements for aesthetics, practicality and acoustics.

LIKO-S: Deliveries in 3-4 weeks and the best quality

The LIKO-S family business was founded by Libor Musil in 1992. We have branches in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, as well as export partners in 16 countries around the world. Our LIKO-S products are the result of in-house development and manufacturing. We have at our disposal the most advanced manufacturing technology, the LIKO-Noe development centre with its acoustic chamber and, most importantly, top-class experts for everything we do.

LIKO-S: Family Business 2014

We are LIKO-S, a Czech family business. We have a clear vision, corporate philosophy and culture. Our products are the result of our own development and manufacturing. Since 1992, we have established branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, as well as export partnerships in 16 countries around the world. That is part of the reason why we were awarded the title Family Business 2014.

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