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Wooden doors

Wooden doors put the finishing touch to the whole interior and space. Customers choose them due to their simple design and fine lines. The door may be designed in full height, with a fanlight or upper panel. The door may be ordered in a veneer finish or various laminates.

The door may of course also be ordered with glazing. We offer veneered doors in vertical and horizontal veneer design and can be matched with the full partition panel.

We can manufacture all types of wooden doors also in a sliding variant, if the space arrangement allows.

Glass doors

All-glass doors make your space brighter, airier, lighter and appear larger. This simple and stylish door version is suitable particularly for glazed partition panels and frameless MICRA systems.

We install your all-glass door in the design with simple hardware and hinges from proven suppliers, or in a higher version including our door frame system, bringing even better acoustic characteristics. In addition to conventional all-glass hinged door wings, we can supply double-wing or sliding doors according to your space arrangement.

Aluminium doors

For better acoustic results, we offer customers our system of aluminium doors. To guarantee the best quality, we design and manufacture these high-quality doors directly in our plant. Aluminium doors have a conventional solid design and are also glazed, so they are suitable for all our systems of solid and glazed partitions. On the request of the customer, we supply these doors with blinds for better privacy in your office or conference room.

Thanks to their excellent acoustic characteristics and robust structure, aluminium doors are also used frequently in production units.


Are you looking for doors that combine the design and lightness of an all-glass door but at the same time achieve the same functional and acoustic parameters as aluminium doors? GLASSDESIGN doors are the right choice!

The glass panel of this door is glued from the outside on a quality aluminium frame, giving an exclusive and lightened design to the door. We manufacture GLASSDESIGN doors for you in a standard thickness of 42 mm and/or 100 mm, as well as our MICRA II and OMEGA systems, so that the door perfectly matches your partition.


For door modules of the LIKOform® system, we use approved and well-proven door hinges from international manufacturers only.

Door hinges are, in our opinion, the most important function component of the door, and therefore we focus on this detail. Our standard is represented by hinges JUST 3D, adjustable in three dimensions, so that your beautiful door fits perfectly into adjacent structures. The exclusive design solution we frequently apply in the door wings supplied by us consists in hidden hinges.

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