Project name:

Glass partitions, movable wall and interactive partition SMART-i-WALL® in the Řetězy company



The architectural intention of the author team of the INS design and engineering studio, Náchod, was to prepare a design for a new administrative building for the company Řetězy Vamberk, which with its external appearance clearly defines the function and mission of the company. In the interior, emphasis was placed on a pleasant, modern and timeless workplace for all employees and users of the building.

The entire internal layout of the building is illuminated, functionally defined and communicatively connected. On both floors, a central island with a public function is designed and located. Individual workplaces are located around the perimeter.

Meeting rooms are separated by MICRA II glass partitions with digital blinds. The LIKO-Space sliding wall enables a quick change of space. The interior is suitably complemented by greenery.

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Explore the flexibility LIKO-Space

Petr Šulc, head of the author's team: “We used the interior partitions from LIKO-S after several previous small experiences and based on monitoring other realizations. It was not a decision based on the lowest price of partitions, several factors decided - Czech production, complexity of supply, quality assurance, lots of interesting implementations and the approach and technical support of the supplier.

What I am personally very happy about is the installation of two LIKO-S products, namely the SMART-i-WALL multimedia walls and digital blinds in the glazing of meeting rooms. The investor did not initially anticipate this solution, however, we managed to implement our proposal and the company's management praises the result." 

Learn more about  the SMART-i-WALL multimedia walls

Author team:
General designer: INS spol. s. r. o., Parkány 413, 547 01 Náchod
Author's team leader: Petr Šulc
Responsible designer: Ing. Pavel Tůma
Study, exterior architecture: Ondřej Martin, Petr Šulc
Chief engineer of the project: Ing. Tomáš Podstata
Interior architecture: cooperation with Atelier PH - Ing. arch. Pavel Hejzlar 

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