Modular, self-irrigating and ecological system of indoor greenery.


Our mind is influenced by nature just like our organism is controlled by water.


A proper design of a living wall reduces energy consumption.

Main benefits of our living walls?

Power of plants

Nowadays, the importance of greenery within indoor spaces, schools, medical facilities, retail spaces or our homes is well understood.

We spend 90% of our time indoors in an unnatural environment for us. Therefore, we need to enhance the space by adding natural elements. These changes are not only beneficial for our health (physical and mental) but living walls provide many benefits for example investment return, health recovery speed or an increased brand potential.

Living walls can be easily combined with all our partition systems and vice versa.

Based on values

A recent study has shown that 94% of employees think their working environment is a reflection of the values for employers. However, only 39% of employees think their working space was designed according to their needs. Measurable indoor quality (IAQ) is a key indicator of health and utility of the indoor environment.

  • Plants have the ability to remove a considerable amount of volatile organic compound (VOC)
  • They reduce CO2 by 75%.

At LIKO-S we know exactly how to design such a living wall.

Indoor environment matters.

Many studies suggest that working in a green environment leads to higher satisfaction at work. This might also influence staff turnover and improve recruitment of new employees. In 2014 Cabinet Office Board has researched that 45% employees would leave the company if they can work in a better environment while keeping the same role, salary and benefits.

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