MICRA I frameless partitions

One simple profile, glass panels to complete it and the Micra is installed. The utmost transparency and yet some privacy for quiet meetings. Door solutions to match, as well as profiles in hitec-looking anodised aluminium or sophisticated colour schemes. This system uses vertical connections by means of transparent tape.

For usage as non-loadbearing partitions.

Technical specifications

Sound insulation Rw

  • Glass partition: 31–37 dB (depending on type of glass)
  • Wooden door: up to 35 dB
  • Alu-framed door: up to 30 dB
  • Fully glazed door: up to 32 dB
  • Glassdesign door: up to 34 dB


  • Glass thickness: 10, 12 mm
  • Standard module width: 1,000 mm (can be adjusted)
  • Standard module height: 3,000 mm
  • Maximum partition height: 3,300 mm
  • Standard clear door passage: 800 × 2,100 mm
  • Doorframe: Aluminium

All tests executed according to European norms. All sound insulation values are always laboratory values.

3D detail

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