We teamed up

with the technology company Spaceti to create offices for hybrid work. We bring you a unique tool that allows you to change the space according to current needs.


Smart office space management.

What can the Spaceti solution help you with?

Book by click

Stop running around the offices looking for a free space. Keep track of the occupancy of meeting rooms and other spaces. Simply book, sync with your calendar, or ask your assistant for coffee or housekeeping.

Data for a better environment

Thanks to data collection using small design stones, the system can analyze the work environment and adjust it according to the needs and preferences of its users. You will be in control of temperature, humidity and CO2.

It helps in the organization and occupancy of spaces, whether desks, meeting rooms or parking spaces. Easy booking and management thanks to mobile app.


You can find a parking space via your mobile phone thanks to parking sensors, announce your arrival in the system, book a meeting room according to the schedule or which is currently free and call an elevator.

Contactless, everything from your mobile.

Smart stone

Smart Sensors are small design stones that can be placed wherever needed. On a glass partition, wall or furniture, but also under a chair to manage every single place in the office.

The organic minimalist design does not disturb any space and the wireless and battery solution does not need any cable preparation. Deployment of the system is so easy even in existing offices.

Spaceti Smart Solutions

Download our brochure and start creating a better office environment.

Always one step ahead

Provide your tenants or employees with maximum comfort when working in a healthy and functional environment. Make the most of your space, keep track of everything happening and be flexible.

We will be happy to help you with that.

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