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Movable walls and glass partitions for Záslikovna


MICRA I, MICRA II, LIKO-Space, Interior living walls

"In the design of the space, we tried to systematically use means of expression that are closely related not only to the operation and facilities themselves, but also to the philosophy of Packeta. Typical paper partitions, made from used packaging - paper board - become the key elements of the space, which we would like to give new life to and thus clearly demonstrate the company's green policy. The resulting structure is not only a leitmotif for the entire interior, but also improves the overall acoustics of the offices," said the author, MgA. Roman Vrtiška from the architectural studio VRTIŠKA & ŽÁK.

Another dominant element of the entire space is the red aluminium coffered ceiling, above which the wiring is drawn and dust-proof LED luminaires are placed, evoking the logistics background of the company. Its colour is a direct reference to the corporate identity of Packeta. Other materials are also key, again accentuating the green policy. These are recyclates, and in most of the products available, from the Valchromat moulded worktops to the seating solutions, which are designed from recycled plastics. In the case of the upholstered version, these are eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled PET.

The reception area includes PlantBox® self-watering system with indoor plants. At every turn, employees or visitors can thus encounter eco-friendly products used systematically in all interior spaces, which will not only enrich the space with their specific aesthetics and chosen structure, but can also educate those who show interest in the solution. This is undoubtedly an excellent marketing tool.

The individual offices and meeting rooms are separated from the entrance hall and reception area by MICRA I and MICRA II glass partitions with aluminium doors. A practical addition to the interior are the flexible LIKO-Space® sliding walls, which can be used to easily connect or divide the open space areas to create an optimal layout for a variety of work events and meetings.

"We have tried to design interiors that are not only identical and easy to remember, but primarily spaces with positive energy, based on green policy and an emphasis on an environmental approach, as well as on dynamism and innovative approaches with a visionary overlap," added MgA. Roman Vrtiška.

The offices of Packeta won in the 21st Century Office category in the 6th annual Office of the Year competition.

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