TOP 10 Trending Glazed Office Partitions by Archello

TOP 10 Trending Glazed Office Partitions by Archello

Two of our partitions lines made it to the TOP 10 Trending Glazed Office Partitions by Archellowooden profiles LESA and our bestselling system MICRA I. Thank you! 

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Interior partitions have to meet a number of demanding requirements that are placed on today's workplace - transparency, flexibility, ease of installation, or reconfigurability. These are all things to keep in mind when choosing these systems. But how to choose the right one among all of them? With their clean lines and narrow profiles, interior partitions can visually connect a space but also separate it and create the rooms you need.

For undisturbed meetings, it is also important to look at the acoustics, i.e. the airtightness of the partitions, which, together with the right choice of doors, will guarantee plenty of privacy. For even greater comfort, classic or digital blinds can be installed.

In addition, our systems can be equipped with the unique LIKO-Glass® glass lamination technology instead of traditional coating or sandblasting, which allows you to let your imagination run wild and get everything from leaves, bark, and other organic materials to sheet metal, fabric, and, in short, anything up to 2 mm thick between the two panes.

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